While Texans may be full of home pride, ever wonder how others look at the Lonestar State?

Website WatchMojo.com recently released their video of the Top Ten Texas Embarrassments, things they feel are worthy of a statewide face palm.  Obviously, such a video would rub proud Texans the wrong way, something the folks at WatchMojo addressed on the video's YouTube comments,

To the Texans who may have been offended, or who accuse us of being anti-Christian, anti-creationist, or anti-anything... So look, if I were a proud native Texan, my first reaction would probably be similar, we get it. That said, all states have perceived good and bad things, and ironically some of the perceived bad things are actually things that some residents are proud of. We totally get that, too. But, these aren't exactly "our" unique views either; a wide percentage of outsiders share these views, and all the video does is chronicle and summarize some of the reasons why Texas has the reputation it does. Now, before you get further offended, many other states like California, NY or Florida also have good/bad reputations, and the same way that some of the things that are valued and cherished by locals... those same things raise eyebrows among non-residents... and trust me, we will cover other states too. FWIW, I shared the topic and general tone with some of my professional and personal Texas friends/acquaintances and none of them were offended, a few even commented "hey this is what makes us great," while some added "yeah, we have a tricky history." Texas has contributed a lot of positives to American history, and in all fairness you know we cover those things/people every day in our list too. Here, we took on a funnier topic in our "informative and entertainin" view. You're totally welcome to dislike the clip, but any real proud Texan would appreciate the good and bad parts of their state's history and agree to disagree that others may have different values and to each their own.

How do you feel about their list?  Are you embarrassed by anything they mentioned?

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