One Texas city is in the top 10 in the country when it comes to passing out the most candy on Halloween.  We know this from an app that's basically a private social network, and alerts neighbors that the light will be on and you'll be passing out the Starbursts this year. But what about those full-sized Snickers bars?

Frisco, TX, just north of Dallas, ranks #5 for having the most houses participating in the Halloween candy tradition, according to Money Magazine.

Baton Rouge ranks #9 and that's the only other city that's kinda close to us that gets into the top 10.  The #1 city in the country for having the most neighbors pass out candy on Halloween is Cary, North Carolina.  Or to put it another way, Cary has the most users of this fancy app who say they'll pass out candy this year.

What the app doesn't tell us, is which houses will be offering the full-sized candy bars. Dang it!  At least we know which ones will actually have candy, and not those tragically disappointing stickers or pencils.

The Nextdoor App has been featured on Dr. Phil, CNN, 20/20, and USA Today, and it's useful for things other than snooping in your neighbor's Reese's Peanut Butter Cup stash.  You have to enter your address to join, and it creates a private space for you and your neighbors to swap info and stay in touch.  Because who wants to go outside and actually talk to those neighbors anyway.

Halloween is not that far away.  The annual Downtown Halloween Trick-or-Treat in Lufkin is happening Friday, October 30th, and the City of Lufkin offers more info HERE.  Over two thousand people attend that trick-or-treating opportunity for kids 12 and under.  We'll hit the neighborhoods after that.


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