A local business owner has set up a way to help connect caring people with school teachers in need, all while benefiting a different local establishment.

Blogger, business owner, mother, wife, community friend Chastity Boatman is at it again. This time setting up a compassionate crowdfunding page to assist our local elementary teachers purchase books from Absolutely Fiction Books. By reaching their goal of just $500, they'll be able to fill their libraries for the little ones starting school this year and the years to come.

The page goes on to remind us that teachers often pay for their school supplies out of pocket, and just by sharing the page, or giving a small amount, you'll be helping take a burden off our teachers' shoulders.

While it doesn't solve all their struggles, it's a great start to something we might be able to keep up in our community.

Click here to see the donation page set up to assist our local teachers. To recap, this helps teachers, local business, & young minds! They're already a fifth of the way to their goal (when this article was written) so lets start this school year off right by achieving this goal!

Not to send mixed messages here, but the kid in the stock photo below is only sad because he doesn't realize there are books behind him. Or maybe it's because they're textbooks ... Don't look at me, just donate or share!

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