Call it a one-carrot diamond.

A woman from Alberta, Canada who lost her engagement ring while gardening on the family farm way back in 2004 has found it in the most unlikely of places: around a carrot in that very same garden.

Mary Grams, 84, searched in vein for the ring, but eventually had to give up and get a replacement, without ever telling her hubby -- who has since passed away after 60 years of marriage -- what had happened. In fact, the only person who ever got wind of the lost ring was her son.


Fast forward 13 years later when Grams' daughter-in-law stumbled across the ring, which had a carrot growing around it. She called Grams to ask if she had lost the ring, which she admitted to doing.

Grams' gradndaughter removed the ring and gave it back to her, so she could continue to wear it. As for a lesson learned? “Anything I do outside, I’m going to take it off and it’s going to stay,” Grams tells Global News. “I should’ve put it in a safe place in the first place, but I didn’t."

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