Time and time again, we see different stories, heartbreaking stories, of children that are going through different difficulties. However, it seems to hit even harder when the stories come from right here in our backyard of East Texas.

Sophie, or Sophie The Brave, as she has come to be known, is 2-year-old little girl that has already had to endure more than anyone should ever have to. She was diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoma, and had a softball-sized tumor on her heart.

Since May, this little girl and her family's lives have been radically changed. However, through it all, they're staying so positive. People have been able to help out the family by purchasing "Sophie The Brave" t-shirts, they've been able to help out via Sophie's GoFundMe page, they've been able to reach out with encouragement via social media, and other ways as well.


And now, there's going to be another way to support Sophie. On August 22nd, at Chili's locations all over East Texas, 15% of the days sales will be donated to Sophie and her family with each flyer presented, OR each time that the customer mentions that they want to help support Sophie.

And like I mentioned earlier, this is ALL ACROSS EAST TEXAS, at the Chili's locations in Nacogdoches, Lufkin, Longview, Tyler, Kilgore and Jacksonville.

If you want to keep up with Sophie The Brave, you can find her Facebook page here, or you can just search @sophiethebrave.

This little girl has quite the road ahead of her, but all the prayers and support that East Texas is showing makes it a bit easier to bare. Sophie The Brave is already so brave even at the age of two. And her motto? "God Is Bigger".

True story, Sophie. You have East Texas in your corner!

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