Oct 9th is the Dunkin' For DV Awareness. Last Year was a lot of fun. If you're at Angelina College around 10:30 am, stop by, have some fun, and learn some life saving tips.

October is a month to do a lot of good. According to NationalDayCalendar.com, the 10th month of the year is host to many causes vying for awareness.

One of THE most important causes to get behind is DV Awareness. Traditionally, it's gone by "Domestic Violence Awareness Month," but living near college towns, and seeing the evolution of how people meet one another, it's understandable to stress the importance of "Dating Violence Awareness."

While there is nothing fun about the subject of domestic/dating violence, the act of prevention and arming the community with helpful knowledge SHOULD be celebrated.

Here in the Pineywoods, we're extremely lucky to have the Family Crisis Center of East Texas (Formerly known as the women shelter of East Texas).

They've created a lineup of events all throughout October that we encourage everyone to attend. Even if you don't think these issues pertain to you, it's always good to show that you are an ally to the cause. There will even be a course on what to do if you're simply a bystander to a domestic violence altercation. We're more than happy to share the activities that will be happening in Lufkin, Nacogdoches, and other East Texas areas.


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