Eight is not a temperature. Eight is how many kids that one lady down the street has that no one sees anymore. You know why? She has eight kids! Eight is now many bananas I like to get in one bunch. Eight is the number of friends you have, when you say you can count your friends on one hand, but are lying for sympathy.

As of this morning 2/11/2021, single digit temperatures are in the forecast for Northern parts of Deep East Texas for Monday night / Tuesday morning. Places like Nacogdoches. In Lufkin they are saying 11.

Don't get me started on 11. When you say 8 is enough, you really want 11. Eleven is a character on one of my favorite Netflix shows, not a temperature.

The fun starts Saturday Evening before Valentine's day. It will be below freezing for at least 3 days straight. That's good news for people that hate bugs. Bad news for people that love plants, running water, working pipes, and sprinkler systems. All of those things are in danger of freezing up super solid this time.

Items that survived the last few bouts of cold weather might not survive this time. Make some plans to get out there and help your plants however you can. Bring in the animals, or provide them with a heated place to be.

Once when visiting friends up north, I woke up and it was 4. I was incredulous. Four is how many tires are on my truck. Four is how many kids my sister has. Four is about how many inches of snow Lufkin got the last time this happened. Not a temperature. So be ready.

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