The Nacogdoches Lighted Christmas parade is coming up Saturday December 7th. Winners will be announced at the end of the parade. Then they will be notified to go to the parade main stage. The theme this year is Classic Christmas Movies.

Parade starts at 6:30pm sharp and the parade route winds around the brick streets downtown. Local celebrities are usually MCing the parade from various points along the route. To be in the parade, or get more details, just email

This is just a small part of the Nine Flags Christmas Festival in Nacogdoches.  The festival actually starts Saturday at 1pm, and goes till 10pm. There will be vendor booths set up selling food and lots more. Check out their Facebook page for details. CLICK HERE.

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    Bad Weather Can Ruin The Fun

    A few years ago the Nine Flags Lighted Christmas Parade was pushed back due to rain, and some have been canceled all together.

    Either way it goes down, the air will be chilly than we are used to so go ahead and bring a jacket or blanket.

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    Who, What, When, Where?

    Parade starts at 6:30 pm sharp on December 7th, and of course it will be in beautiful downtown Nacogdoches TX.

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    The Event is on Social Media

    On Facebook, the official page for the event is /christmasparadenac.

    This page will be the main hub of information regarding news and updates for the parade.

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    Knowing The History of Nacogdoches

    If you pop over to, you can learn why we celebrate these nine flags in particular, and how they played their part in the development of the oldest town in Texas.

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    It's Lighted So It'll Be Lit

    See what I did there?

    There's no better way to get yourself in the Christmas spirit right when December starts, than this ultra Christmasy parade rolling through our Pineywoods home.

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    It gets better every year

    When it actually happens

    People seem to go all out, decorating their floats or personal vehicles, and there's been no sign of anyone slowing down on the creative ways they can bring smiles to the onlookers.

    A good mix of mainstay of traditional sights will be there too, so there's a little bit of everything.

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