The Houston Chronicle recently did a gallery of the most beautiful women (celebrities) that are from Texas. Apparently Men's Fashion magazine, Esquire published some sort of lady list and neglected to share many of our homegrown beauties.

There are lots of reasons that women from the great state of Texas are the best. If you get into an argument with ANYONE North of us, you simply have to say, "Beyonce is from Houston," and everyone will bow down to your knowledge of Lone Star ladies. But if you decided to go "hard mode" about it and not use Queen B as a fix-all, you can choose to lay down the following five reasons we think Texas women are #1. Narrowing it down to only 5 was the hard part. Every woman is special and different, but these are some universal truths about women from the Lone Star State.

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    Have you ever been thanked for a kiss? Been with a woman that calls your parents ma'am, and sir, even after knowing them for years? If you have you are most likely with a girl from Texas.

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    Hair Style

    If you think women from Texas use too much hairspray, you haven't been here. Dealing with 90% humidity, and still looking great, is a skill that you just have to learn if you are from Texas.

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    Two Step

    Even if they have never danced a two-step, they somehow know how to do it. It's like magic. When I was younger they actually taught this dance in elementary schools, along with the Cotton Eyed Joe.

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    Spicy Foods

    In Texas, mild salsa means it leaves the skin on your mouth intact. If she thinks it's spicy, you better think twice about eating it. Here in Texas even the ketchup is spicy.

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    Put Downs

    "Well, Bless Your Heart" This does not mean what you think it means. If you hear this, you have done something that revealed that you are lacking as a person. This is what you say when your child destroys your kitchen. So as an adult, if you hear this, ya done goofed. But for some reason, it is delivered just as sweet as pie. So you may never know.