You can find lots of Mexican style clothing in Lufkin. You could find a Mexican House Dress at Cafe Del Rio or other outlets in our area. But if you aren't of Mexican heritage, you could be guilty of cultural appropriation? Back in the 80's we went to Mexico all the time, since my Aunt and Uncle were from Brownsville. My mother and everyone in the family had tons of these house dresses, and wore them all the time. These days, that could get a little dicey.

Are we more lenient in Texas, or does the Mexican community hate seeing white women in there embroidered and beautiful dresses? There's always a fine line to be walked, there are always people that want to be forward thinking, and there are always people to be offended. I'm not trying to cause a fight, but I think we should open some sort of discussion on this topic, because these pretty dresses aren't going anywhere.

Is wearing the clothing, or hairstyle of a group of people that you are not a part of exploitation? Or is it the fact that some places do this in the name of profit? Most would say that their culture is not a trend.

These are all questions I can't answer. Perhaps no one really can. That's why we need to talk and also listen to one another.

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