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Five individuals from Titus County, Texas have been identified as being involved in organized crime involving copper theft which has led to the arrest of four suspects with one of them still on the run.

Titus County Sheriff's Office investigators have been investigating this case for over two months, watching these suspects all the while gathering some specific images of the crimes being committed. The group of five have stolen and caused damages to a Luminant facility in the excess of $300.000.00.

The Titus County Sheriff's Office has had the Luminant property around the Winfield South Mine near Winfield under surveillance for about two months now. Employees of the facility repeatedly noticed that the fence lining the property has been cut several times after being repaired and that's when they reported it to authorities. The thieves were after the copper wire in the building and while removing it they also caused extensive damage to the HVAC system.

After setting up surveillance and watching the property, the investigators identified the suspects and linked them to as many as eleven burglaries and theft of material. After having probable cause that a First Degree Felony of Criminal Mischief had taken place, because of the more than $300,000 in damages to the building, authorities issued warrants for the arrest of five individuals.

Who was arrested in a copper theft ring from the Luminant property in Winfield?

  • Deny Salcedo Diaz, 25
  • Perla Yuritza Gallegos, 35
  • Tracy Galloway, 36
  • Juan Delgado, 60, Franklin County

Each was charged with First Degree Felony Criminal Mischief equal to or over $300,000.

Titus County authorities remain vigilant that Luis Ramirez, Jr., of Franklin County, will be caught and placed behind bars soon. There is an active warrant out for his arrest.

Investigators believe there are others involved that helped this group of five pull off the crime(s). Investigators also credit the scrap yards that kept excellent records that led to the identity of these individuals and ultimately their arrests. If there are others associated with this crime or any crime of this nature, Titus County Sheriff's C.I.D. Lt. Chris Bragg says, 'Titus County Sheriff's will continue to aggressively go after those who commit State Jail Felony offenses for theft(s) of regulated materials. They should also know we will go after them for higher felony offenses related to the damage to property cause when the circumstances apply.'

So while trying to make a quick buck off of some copper, it appears as if these alleged criminals could be spending some time behind bars and if you think about pulling off a crime like this, remember the authorities can and will eventually catch on and catch up to you.

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