Ever seen a UFO? Ever watched a UFO Video and thought it may show some signs of alien life? New video showing a possible UFO in Round Rock, Texas has hit the internet. Is it convincing enough to make a skeptic believe? Depends on how bad you want to believe

I Want to Believe

It's been a minute since we've had a good ol UFO sighting in Texas but sightings are nothing new, finding proof that they are an actual alien spaceship is the real challenge. Many want to believe and although the government has admitted that there are things flying around that are truly "unidentified", until we actually have an alien spaceship in our possession, I will always remain the skeptic.

So let's look at the video of the latest sighting in Round Rock.

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UFO Sighting in Round Rock, Texas

Chris Walker, Asst. News Director @FOX7Austin posted several viewer videos to his Twitter page showing what looks like 5 lights hovering in the night sky above Round Rock, Texas.

The 5 lights are grouped together and seem to hover just below the the clouds. Take a look.

Sure, they look like something unidentified but is there more video? Of course there is.


In fact, there are several more to see but it's the last video that really seems to show something strange.

Notice how in each video the lights seem to be a bit different? Here's the one that shows the lights zipping off to the viewers left.


Skeptical? Of course. Some are saying these are just drones and apparently it wouldn't be the first time drones have been seen in the night sky in Austin but others really do believe that these are some kind of unidentified flying object.

How about you?

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