One of the best football games ever made was Tecmo Super Bowl for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Personally, I have the cartridge in my Nintendo collection at home and love to pop it in from time to time to relive the glory days of the Cowboys with Aikman, Emmitt and Irving (Yes, I realize it's been that long since the Cowboys were good. Yes, I will always be a Cowboys fan.)

What's cool is there is a group of people who have taken Tecmo Super Bowl's ROM file and kept it up to date as far as rosters, division changes and team logos. So naturally, when the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers made it to Super Bowl LV, the game had to be simulated to see who would win.

The Chiefs win the toss and elect to receive the opening kickoff. Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce are hot early with a 26 yard touchdown pass on the Chiefs opening drive. The Buccaneers rely on their running game with Leonard Fournette on their opening drive. It ends with a seven yard touchdown pass to Chris Godwin. First quarter ends with the score 7-7.

Mahomes opens the second quarter with a one yard touchdown run. The Bucs get a great kickoff return to the Chiefs 46 but can only turn it into a 25 yard field goal. The Chiefs quickly respond with a 37 yard touchdown pass to Trace Kelce. With only 27 seconds left in the first half, the Bucs look to stay conservative only to score on a 65 yard run by Ronald Jones.

At halftime of Tecmo Super Bowl's Super Bowl LV, the Chiefs lead 21-17. Mahomes passed for 177 yards, Travis Kelce had four catches for 101 yards and two touchdowns. Tom Brady has only passed for 30 yards but the Bucs has dominated on the ground with a combined 133 yards rushing.

For once, the halftime show does not disappoint. We get a great performance from "The Mighty Bombjack Show". Now on to the third quarter.

The Bucs receive the second half kickoff which leads to a 52 yard field goal by Ryan Succop. The Bucs are able to slow the Chiefs offense with a missed 46 yard field goal by Harrison Butker. The third quarter comes to an end with the Chiefs leading 21-20.

The Bucs have a promising drive to open the fourth quarter only to have Rob Gronkowski fumble the ball at the Chiefs 33 yard line. The very next play, Mahomes is intercepted by Sean Murphy-Bunting. That turnover leads to a twelve yard touchdown run by Ronald Jones. Bucs take the lead 27-21.

Patrick Mahomes takes over at their own 43 yard line with 1:23 left in the game. A couple of plays later, Mahomes connects with Sammy Watkins on a 41 yard touchdown pass. Chiefs lead 28-27. The Bucs start at their own 30 yard line with only 23 seconds remaining. Tom Brady connects on a short pass to Rob Gronkowski but is tackled at the Chiefs 43 yard line to end the game.

Chiefs win 28-27! Mahomes ends with 273 yards passing, three touchdown passes and one rushing touchdown. Tom Brady has 158 yards and one touchdown pass. The Bucs dominated on the ground, though, with 178 combined rushing yards.

Watching this makes we want to fire up my Nintendo when I get home and play, now. Not that I needed an excuse but Tecmo Super Bowl is an awesome football video game. The real Super Bowl LV is Sunday, February 7. Go Chiefs!

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