I wrote an article (listicle?) about "10 Things Every Nacogdoches Native Knows". We got some pretty good feedback on it. However, it was just for Nacogdoches. So, as a follow up to it, we decided to do a list of things that you need to know about Deep East Texas.

This is a list of information that EVERYBODY needs to know about our neck of the woods, whether they're native, passing through, or otherwise.

That means that you need to commit this list to memory, as it is necessary to have this info at the front of your mind AT ALL TIMES.

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    Make Sure You've Got Enough Gas

    Between some of our towns here behind the Pine Curtain, there are quite a few miles. Before you venture out, make sure you have AT LEAST a quarter of a tank. Otherwise, make sure you have a good phone service provider so that you can call for roadside assistance.

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    Know The Real Definition Of BBQ

    A grill and hot dogs DOES NOT equal BBQ. BBQ is an all day - actually - a multi-day process. We have entire festivals and competitions built around this process, none of which includes turning on the gas grill and warming up a vacuum-sealed bag of franks. This is one of the absolute most important things for you to know.

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    We Hunt And We're Proud Of It

    Animal rights only extend as far as pets. During hunting and/or fishing season, all bets are off for what might be considered fuzzy, cute, woodland creatures. *Side note - when it's not in season, we like to protect these animals, so that when it's legal to go after them, we can.

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    We Don't Like People Criticizing Our Trucks

    This is pretty self-explanatory. If you're questioning whether we really NEED that size pickup, the answer is, "Yes."

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    We're Actually Okay With Not Having One Of Everything In Town

    Would it be more convenient to have more shopping choices, a bigger restaurant selection, perhaps even a full-size theme park or other attraction right in our vicinity? Absolutely. Do we want it? Eh, not so much. Why? Because we're happy with the things we have at our disposal now, and don't mind visiting other places to enjoy those things, before coming right back here to the comfort of Deep East Texas.

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    The Cliches From Outsiders Do Get Old

    No, we don't all wear one pair of worn out overalls every day. No, it's not 'Nac-o-nowhere'. No, not all of us disregard our personal hygiene. No, not all of us enjoy banjo music. No, we don't live so far out that you have to pipe in sunshine. Yes, these generalizations and stereotyping practices do get old.

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    Tom Pennington/Getty Images

    Tractors On The Roadway Are A Common Occurence

    It's not uncommon to see someone driving a tractor down the road. Yes, it is an inconvenience for us locals as well, considering that the difference in driving 70 and 20 is quite noticeable. However, it's just a part of our Deep East Texas life that we've learned to live with, so you should be able to put up with it as, too.

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    Getty Images/iStockphoto

    We Actually Prefer The Warmer Weather Over Cold Weather

    This is one that lots of people don't understand if they're not familiar with the Deep East Texas climate. To the people that come in calling us weak because we're uncomfortable with the sub-freezing temperatures: Come talk to me in July. Triple-digit temperatures are easier for us to deal with here.

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    We Like To Relax - Generally Outdoors

    Whether it's spending a day on the lake, at the pool, hiking through the woods, or otherwise, we like to spend time outdoors, enjoying the beauty that is Deep East Texas.

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    We're From Deep East Texas, And We're Proud Of It

    If you haven't comprehended any of the other things I've listed, get this: We are quite fond of our little piece of the world here in Deep East Texas. We may move away from time to time, but our roots are here. Don't try to change us, because we don't appreciate that. As Tracy Byrd so eloquently put it, "We're from the country, and we like it that way."

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