While you can be inspired by people with down syndrome every day, World Down Syndrome Awareness Day is on March 21st.

The date has significant meaning as 3/21 also represents Trisomy Twenty-One, commonly known as Down syndrome. The Drake family from Livingston, Texas, with the help of a generous circle of caring friends, raised money to  support Ruby's Rainbow.

Rubysrainbow.org is a great non-profit located right in the heart of Texas. Started by a mom whose daughter, Ruby, happens to rock an extra chromosome. Ruby's Rainbow provides college scholarships to adults with Down syndrome who want to further their education and skills to be the best they can be!

Visit Ruby's Rainbow on Facebook, or visit their main site to learn how you can show your support. Also, don't forget to wear mismatched socks on March 21st!

Sean Steffey
Sean Steffey

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