A little after 6 pm today, if you heard lots of sirens around Jane Way and South First Street in Lufkin, this is the call they were responding to. A two vehicle accident resulting in a rollover.

This two vehicle accident occurred today in Lufkin right at the intersection of Jane Way and South First Street in Lufkin before 6 pm. Two women in different cars somehow made contact, resulting in a rollover. It's not certain looking at the video, but it seems as though they had to have been traveling at a high rate of speed. Once the call went out that the driver of the white vehicle could not get out of the car on her own, they sent out the jaws of life.

They also put blocks under the car as you can see to keep it from tipping further while extracting the driver. I would assume that the white car was trying to turn into traffic and was coming towards timberland and the blue car the way it was hit and positioned was going up South First Street towards the Mall. The trapped driver once freed from the vehicle was able to stand on her own power, and was taken to the hospital. Names have not been released in this case.

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