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Lon Morris College Plans Fall Classes
With apologies to Mark Twain, it appears that reports of the "death" of the venerable Lon Morris College in Jacksonville may have been a little premature.  LMC is not, with apologies to the poet Dylan Thomas, going gentle into that good night.
Lon Morris College Files For Bankruptcy
Lon Morris College in Jacksonville is on life support financially, because it is so deep in debt it can't pay its bills or meet payrolls.  The situation is so critical that creditors were preparing to foreclose several buildings on the campus this week.
The Jacksonville Progress reports LMC…
Expert: Lon Morris Taking Right Steps to Survive
Lon Morris College in Jacksonville is flat broke and as close to going out of business as a school can be.  Years of adding and expanding programs, out of control spending, and borrowing to the hilt to pay for everything have finally caught up with the oldest two-year college in Texas.
Update: Lon Morris College Closes, Hoping to Reopen
Push has finally come to shove at Lon Morris College in Jacksonville. Facing the worst financial crisis in its 158 year history, and acting on the advice of outside consultants, the Lon Morris Board of Trustees has furloughed the school's faculty and staff and shut the school down.
The small pri…

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