I feel bad for those that attended Lon Morris College in Jacksonville, but at least there is some positive news to be broadcast concerning the bankruptcy, which shut down the campus last year.

In order to avoid an eyesore of vacant buildings, the Jacksonville City Council has agreed to re-zone portions of one dormitory location, in order for a multi-family apartment conversion.

The dorm in question did not belong to Lon Morris, but rather, Tilley, LLC, so they have been given the green light to pass "GO".

Back to the students for a moment.  Sure hope they continued their pursuit of higher education.

Still, hard to believe the whole bankruptcy thing happened, but then again, just because you make a six figure salary, and sit on a Board of Directors, doesn't make you an automatic intellectual.  Seems to me, that all those directly associated with the Lon Morris fallout, should have offered, then attended a "how to balance your checking account" class.

Shame on you!