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Man Pleads Guilty to Taking Deer Semen Illegally
This has to be one of the weirdest stories we've come across in a while.  The Houston Chronicle reports an Illinois man has pleaded guilty in Tyler Federal Court to taking  semen from a deer that had been brought into Texas illegally, in violation of interstate commerce laws.
Controversial Shooting Gets Houston Man 40 Years
KHOU TV in Houston reports a man who claimed Texas’ version of a stand-your-ground law allowed him to kill a neighbor in an argument over a noisy party has been found guilty of murder and sentenced to 40 years in prison. Barring a successful appeal, a prison cell much like the one …
No Rest for Texas Game Wardens
The Houston Chronicle reports the 500 or so Game Wardens at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department are always on the go in the warm weather months, especially on holiday weekends.
Pasadena Neighbors Beat Burglars With Baseball Bats
This story happened in Pasadena, and it says a lot about how great it is to have neighbors who really care about you.  The Houston Chronicle reports that some people in a Pasadena mobile home park caught four men breaking into a neighbor's home, so they went after them with baseball bats.
What Are the Most Dangerous Cities in America?
Last week, the FBI announced that violent crime dropped four percent in 2011, compared to a 5.5 percent drop in 2010.
However, according to a 24/7 Wall St. review of 2011 FBI crime statistics, violent crime is on the rise in places that already have the highest rates for it in the country — bot…

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