Law Enforcement

Obama Will Stop Deporting Young Illegals
The Obama administration has announced plans to stop deporting hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. as children as long as they have stayed out of trouble with the law.
Billy the Exterminator and Wife Busted for Drugs
Say it ain't so.  Everybody's favorite exterminator -- A&E reality show star "Billy the Exterminator" Bretherton -- and his wife Mary Bretherton -- have been busted for marijuana possession in Bossier City, Louisiana.
Big Brother Really is Watching us Online
There was a time when most sane people would say a story like this is just pure paranoia.  But not any more.  Big Brother's minions really are scanning the Internet 24/7 -- watching everything you and I write in our emails and social media websites, including Facebook.
We know this bec…
Shepherd Woman Admits Embezzling from Bank
A longtime employee of the Bank of San Jacinto County in Coldspring has pleaded guilty to embezzling thousands of dollars from the bank over a period of years.  She could be sent to prison for a long time.
Forest Service Urges Us To Report Arson Wildfires
Heading into the long Memorial Day weekend -- the unofficial start of another hot and dry summer — the Texas Forest Service is begging us to be careful with cookouts, campfires and any outdoor burning.
TFS also wants people to be especially watchful for arsonists deliberately starting fires and…
Indian State Declares Open Season on Poachers
A state in western India is so disgusted with tiger poachers that it has declared open season on them.  The government of the state of Maharashtra is allowing state forest guards to shoot illegal hunters on sight -- in an effort to put a stop to the rampant killing of protected wildlife, especially …
TPWD Urges Boaters to Be Safe This Weekend
With the long Memorial Day weekend just days away, and with thousands of people heading for the great outdoors, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is busy promoting safe, responsible and sober boating on the state's rivers and lakes.

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