I'm a single dude. I have a fireplace in my apartment. I would love for it to smell like fried chicken. I may have to order a couple of these.

What am I blabbering about? Kentucky Fried Chicken has released an 11 Herbs and Spices fire log according to nbcdfw.com. Yes, a log that will burn for about three hours and fill your home with the smell of KFC's fried chicken.

I can smell those 11 herbs and spices now. Annnnd, now I'm hungry.

They are $18.99 each and available for a limited time only at kfc.com.

Now ladies, I know, you probably don't want your home smelling like this. But if your man has a man cave with a fireplace, this would be a perfect Christmas gift.

Plus, you probably don't want the smell making everyone hungry for Kentucky Fried Chicken every night. Those $20 fill ups can get expensive after a few days.

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