As it turns out, those long weekends may not be an ideal method of vacation.

I believe there is an unspoken debate in regards to vacations. There are those who opt for the longer vacations (more time taken off at one time) and therefore vacation less often throughout the year. And then there are those who would rather take long weekend (less time taken off at one time) and see themselves out of the office more consistently throughout the year.

It looks like the longer vacations are the way to go.

A recent study commissioned by Apple Vacations, has found that it takes the average American worker four days to forget about work. This includes those who enjoy getting away from the office. The study also revealed that eight in 10 workers have a problem leaving the office and ultimately aren't really on vacation when they're gone.

So if it takes you four days to finally leave the office behind, taking a long weekend isn't really doing you justice. That is, if you're using your time off to truly disconnect from the mental, emotional and digital stress. This is why I enjoy taking seven-day cruises. No cell service = no work worries.

What's your ideal vacation?

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