It's so popular that you've got to call ahead and book your table at this Texas ice cream shop.  They'll serve you several courses of ice cream, and some of it is infused with alcohol!  If you're thinking it's a summer road trip waiting to happen, here's what you need to know.

The shops called Ice Cream Wasted have popped up recently in Houston and Dallas, and it sounds like the goal is to produce a full-on sensory experience of ice cream indulgence, rather than just grab a quick cone.  It's like a long, sweet spa day for your mouth.

The ice cream comes in three to four courses, and much of it is alcohol-infused.  You've got to make a reservation one of three shops to see what it's all about.  They're in Houston, Dallas, and Plano.

Paper City Magazine says some of the flavors include Toasted Cojito and Pineapple Upside-down Colada.  Yes please.  We can try this at home in the homemade ice cream maker and probably forget how we did it, or leave it to these experts.

Ice cream was already sort of a guilty pleasure, and now there's booze involved.  Just be careful if you have the kiddos with you.  Should we bring this to Lufkin, or is it just too nuts?  Those might be good as a topping...

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