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East Texans know that ice cream isn't just for summer, it's a year-round thing around here. It doesn't matter how cold or how hot it gets, ice cream can and will be eaten at any time. We're ALWAYS excited when our favorite ice cream company announces a new flavor, but when they announce they're bringing back one of our favorite limited-run ice creams, well, it's game over!

The little creamery in Brenham, Texas that makes and sells the best ice cream in the country is bringing back Cookies 'N Cream Cone! When the news was announced on their Facebook page earlier today, hard-core Blue Bell Ice Cream fans reacted with pure joy and excitement.

This flavor was first introduced a little less than a year ago, February 25, 2021, and was in the freezer section for a short time. Blue Bell Cookies 'N Cream Cone is a combination of some extremely popular flavors. One of them was introduced back in 1997 and was only sold in school cafeterias until 2015, Cookie Cone.

Blue Bell took their creamy vanilla ice cream and combined it with chocolate creme-filled cookie crumbles, chocolate cone pieces coated in dark chocolate and a chocolate fudge sauce.

This East Texas favorite is available now at your local store or soon will be, but like before, it's only here for a limited time in half-gallon and pints so you better stock up your freezer before it's gone. Thankfully Blue Bell has eaten all they can because they're selling the rest to us!

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