I've never been a big fan of yoga, mainly for two reasons.

Number one - some of those poses or positions seem to require a decent amount of flexibility.  That's not me.  In high school football, I was the only kid on the team that got yelled at during the stretching exercises.

Number two - If I'm laying a mat on the floor and then getting on that mat...I'm taking a nap.  I had that ingrained in me back in kindergarten.  Old habits die hard.

Several months ago, I heard about something called Goat Yoga. It's part beginner yoga and part miniature goat cuddling.  Some people love it, others aren't quite sure about it.  Hey, whatever floats your goat.

This Saturday, June 18, would be the perfect time to try some Goat Yoga because it's being done to help raise money for a great cause -- the Nacogdoches Chapter for the Walk to End Alzheimer's.

Lindsay Arnold from Flower Hill Farm - East Texas will be instructing a 30-minute yoga class accompanied by the farm's Nigerian dwarf goats. That's right, yoga with a herd of cuddly mini-goats. After the yoga class ends, you will be able to spend 30 minutes with the goats for photos and goat snuggles.

The event starts at 10 a.m. at Front Porch Distillery which is located at 7905 US Highway 59 South in Nacogdoches (between Lufkin and Nac, about two miles north of the river). The cost of the Goat Yoga session is $40 with $10 of that going straight to the Walk to End Alzheimer's - Nacogdoches. Your ticket also includes a Front Porch Distillery Tour Ticket (redeemable for 3 mixed drinks).

You must bring your own yoga mat or a large beach towel. The event is open to those 12 and older, however, anyone under 21 will be able to redeem their tickets for non-alcoholic beverages.

A friendly reminder that goats, even little cute, cuddly ones are animals who nibble and jump. Flower Hill Farm - East Texas and Front Porch Distillery are not liable for damages during goat yoga, participants will need to fill out a waiver.

But wait...there's more.

On that same Saturday from noon to 5 p.m., you can once again help out the Walk to End Alzheimer's by visiting the Fredonia Brewery in Nacogdoches for 'Pints for a Purpose'.  For $25, you get your very own Pints for a Purpose glass filled with the pour of your choice, plus a T-shirt, and a raffle ticket for a great prize.

Flower Hill Farm - East Texas Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Flower Hill Farm - East Texas features registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats. They also use these cuddly little animals in their Goat Yoga events. Here are some photos of those goats, and some pics of actual Goat Yoga sessions.

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