These two are not ashamed of showing everyone their key to true happiness, and why should they be?
This was shared from the Itsy Bitsy Photography & Gifts Facebook page. Thanks and props to Nicole Conrad for these amazing pictures.


You can really see their personalities shine in the pictures ... several seconds after realizing there are people in the photos. (Sorry, I was staring at the food)

Itsy Bitsy Photographer and Gifts

The San Antonio couple will be married on March 11, and they have our utter admiration and support.

Several television stations and news outlets have already shared the story of Luis Limon, and Denise Gomez's engagement photos, and now we're among the few that are truly inspired by their love ... of Whataburger.

These photos are even better when you notice Raising Cane's in the background. We wish these two years of happiness, but something tells us they'll be just fine.

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