This YMCA is tired of people exercising...their right to free speech.

A YMCA in Dunmore, Pa. has taken the unusual step of banning 24-hour news channels from playing in its gym while members work out because too many people were arguing about current events while watching them.

Yeah, it's like you go to the gym to stop reading about Donald Trump on Facebook and then you wind up talking about him while running on the treadmill. Sounds like the Y might be doing everyone a favor.

"We just want people to feel welcome here and I think this might help," Greater Scranton CEO Trish Fisher tells WNEP. "I think because this is a safe haven, and people want to come here and feel safe and feel part of a community, and when arguments are being, you know, taking place over politics and things like that, they don't feel safe. I just don't think it's the right place for it."

The Y says it will reconsider the ban once things "calm down," although the definition of "calm down" isn't clear.

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