Having a job working with animals at a zoo has to be sort of similar to a security guard watching security cameras all day.  Most of the time everything is calm and serene and just fine, and very little happens.  But then there's that one moment when things get tense, and it's time to act!

A worker was cornered by a lion at the Dallas Zoo a few days ago, and had to be treated at the hospital after the attack.  Here's what led up to it.

The zookeeper apparently left a door open within the lion exhibit, and that let the lion get too close to the worker.  That person ended up with a bite and scratch marks, and was treated at the hospital.  The zoo said it all happened behind the borders that surround the lion exhibit, and that the public was never in danger.  Another worker distracted the lion while the first one escaped.  Yikes!

The exhibit is still open, and the lion is not in trouble over the attack.  But they're looking over procedures and things to try to prevent encounters like that in the future.  Word about this stuff always travels fast, so we have a feeling the Ellen Troutl Zoo is making sure all of its systems and procedures are buttoned up and working properly too.

All of that said, the lion exhibits are still one of the coolest things at the zoo!