While seeing something a little odd inside the Amarillo Zoo might be a little more likely, it is what was captured on a game camera outside the zoo that has the City of Amarillo scratching their collective heads.

In the early morning hours, approximately 1:25 am, on May 21, 2022, the zoo's game camera capture this image and the staff has yet to identify exactly what they are looking at.

To better aid in their decision making, the zoo took to its Facebook page and some of the suggestions are no less than knee-slapping hysterical.

What The Heck Is This Thing?

While some are convinced it is surely an alien, or a Chupacabra, or maybe Wile E. Coyote, others think it could be just someone leaving a Furry convention.

Some of our other favorites include:

  • Carole Baskin looking for a good spot to plant her current husband
  • Definitely a skin walker
  • Amber Heard now that she is broke from her court cases. That hair, nail, waxing, etc. care ain't cheap!
  • It's the Car Fox from the Carfax commercials
  • It looks like Steven Tyler (Aerosmith lead singer). Perhaps this led to him re-entering drug rehab.
  • I can’t believe nobody recognized what this is. It’s Splinter looking for the ninja turtles!
  • Somebody give that werewolf a cheeseburger, he's clearly hungry.
  • Of course, this is a common hood rat! Usually found in most urban settings in the evenings, around Walmarts and convenience stores, asking for money.
  • Clearly…this is Louisiana’s own “rougarou” passin’ a good time on vacay over in Texas…
Zoomed in image from City of Amarillo, Texas Facebook page
Zoomed in image from City of Amarillo, Texas Facebook page

For an ever closer look, we zoomed in on the image from the Amarillo Zoo and were still left dumbfounded.

While we might never get "official" word as to the identification of the "what" or "who" is in the image, it certainly lends credibility to the supernatural argument.

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