I found this while I was out running errands this week. Somebody apparently polished off a chicken wing and left the bone in the shopping cart.

What in the world?!  I have so many questions for this person.  Like, where are the rest of the wings?  No one can eat just one.

Shopping carts are a petri dish of bacteria on a normal day, and then you add the chicken bone remnants, who knows what kinds of diseases are brewing in there. Was it a child that discarded it in the cart after the mom gave him a wing because she was all out of Cheerios?  This is a hot mess.  Or probably a room temperature mess at this point.

Was it an adult that ate and tossed?  Did somebody swipe just one wing from the deli counter and that's all they could sneak without getting caught?  Are the rest of the wings stashed behind the gum ball machines?  And what's wrong with tossing this little wing bone into the trash can?  It was two feet away.

I won't call out the store, but if you take a wild guess which one it was, you will be correct.

I stopped into that store because I wanted a stadium cushion to solve my bleacher butt problem at my daughter's softball games, and came out with a whole new perspective on how weird my fellow shoppers are.  If you notice more shopping weirdness while you're out this weekend, snap a pic and send it to me. And if you are the type that throws your chicken bones in the trash, you are an awesome person.