We all have some work we need to do in order to become better, healthier people.

Many of us wait for important landmarks to give us an excuse to make big changes in our lives. The mark of a new year is just as good a reason to make attempts to grow as any.

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So which resolutions are you signing up for? (Metaphorically speaking of course)

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    Lose Weight (Get Fit)

    These were taken off the list of resolutions that fizzle out by February, but that's not the attitude to have when trying to better yourself.

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    Quit Smoking

    There are so many ways to quit smoking nowadays, really you've just got to switch it up to something you haven't tried yet.

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    Learn Something New

    Will you learn a new language, or study up some cool facts to dispense at parties? You can even learn some cool martial art style which may help you lose weight and focus on quitting other bad habits. Learning something new is pretty much the easiest thing you can do to better yourself.

    Some would say you already learn something new every day, whether you realize it or not.

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    Eat Healthier

    Not exactly the same thing as losing weight. Sometimes just seeing your body as a temple and cutting out the junk can change how you live. Just don't be one of those people that talks about your diet all the time.

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    Travel More

    We don't always have the funds to go gallivanting around the world, but if it's your new years resolution, then you might be more focused to save up and go somewhere new.

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    Spend More Time With Family

    Nothing is more important than spending quality time with family.

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    Volunteer More

    There are many organizations that need volunteers. It's good to think about volunteering, especially during times that aren't as popular as the holidays.

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    Drink Less

    Or drink more. We're not judging you.

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    Be Less Stressed

    We don't know what you've got to do in order to pull this resolution off, but if you find the secrets of a stress-free life, let us know.

    Maybe if you don't stick to some resolutions, you'll cut a lot of stress out immediately.