There's no shortage of celebrities that we could draw from.

As many of you know, Dallas Cowboy, Dez Bryant paid us a visit recently. He stopped at Kit McConnico Park in Lufkin, and brought a whole lot of BBQ with him. Even though I'm not a Cowboys fan, I have to admit that it's pretty cool when someone like a professional athlete takes time out of their day to come visit. It got me thinking: who would I like to see come through next?

Let's see...Brandon Belt, the 1st baseman for the San Francisco Giants is from the area, and he actually makes his way into deep east Texas fairly often.

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Next, there's Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings. He's from the Palestine area, so it's not impossible to imagine him hanging out here for a while.

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And of course we can't forget about Nacogdoches' very own Clint Dempsey. Even though he's made worldwide headlines as a soccer star, he is still a local face, and even has the youth soccer fields in Nac named after him.

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Another name for consideration is Teresa Weatherspoon. She played in the WNBA for the New York Liberty when it first started. Teresa is actually from Pineland, which isn't too bad of a drive from here, and she makes her way into her hometown somewhat frequently.

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And these aren't the only people for consideration. These are just athletes that could be considered. There are so many others. We've got music stars, political figures, etc. Any of whom would be awesome to hang out with. Who would you suggest make a friendly visit and reconnect with their roots?

Maybe we can start a social media campaign to see about getting some of these folks back to the area. We can hashtag it #DWDD or #DoWhatDezDid.