So, here we are. It's now Tuesday, or day #2 of Spring Break 2018. Yesterday, the goal was to hit up some, or at least one, of the local parks located around Nacogdoches. Did you make it? I hope so.

Today's thing to do is similar to yesterday's, but still different.

Today, I want you to go check out the local bike trails. There's no shortage of them in and around Nac. And, if you're not sure where any are, or you want to make sure you get on one that is your caliber, you can probably hit up the Nacogdoches Bike Club for pointers.

Yes, it might be slightly cooler today than past Spring Breaks, but if you get your bike out of the shed, garage, or wherever, get on and start pedaling, you're sure to warm up quickly.

However, before you ride, especially if it's been awhile, make sure your bike is ready to go. Check the tires, the brakes, reflectors, etc. If there's any maintenance that needs to be done, or if you need to look into buying an entirely new bike, you can hit up The Bike Shop, on the corner of North Street and East College Street, across from SFA.

Enjoy day #2 of Spring Break by hitting the trails!

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