Everybody knows that Nacogdoches is "The Oldest Town In Texas". Everybody knows where Stephen F. Austin State University is. But only true natives know all about these 10 Nacogdoches things.



  • Bruce R. Partain
    Bruce R. Partain

    The Blueberry Festival

    In June every year, this downtown Nac event brings almost 20,000 people into town to celebrate. (This year the festival is on June 9th, so plan accordingly)

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    Getty Images

    The Spring & Fall Plant Sales

    Twice a year, there are two huge plant sales from the SFA Gardens, one in the spring and one in the fall. The spring one is actually coming up on April 7th.

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    Get Your Shopping and Major Errands Done While Students Are Gone

    Whether you choose to go in the summer, in December between the fall and spring semesters, or during down times such as Thanksgiving or Spring Break, every Nacogdoches native knows these are your best chances to avoid the crowds associated with college students.

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    Avoid North Street

    While it is true that North Street becomes almost impossible to navigate while SFA classes are in session, it doesn't get much better any other time of the year. A true Nacogdoches native has this at the forefront of their mind, at all times.

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    There Are Entirely Too Many Donut Shops

    People that don't spend a lot of time in Nacogdoches think that having a large amount of donut shops in the area is a positive thing. People that are in Nacogdoches on a regular basis know that 10 donut shops is way too many.

  • Getty Images/iStockphoto
    Getty Images/iStockphoto

    It Gets Old Hearing "There's nothing To Do Here"

    Lots of truth here. When people from Houston, Dallas, or other big cities come in complaining about the lack of things to do in Nacogdoches, as a rule, we tune them out. Don't like what Nac has to offer? You can leave.

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    The Annual Lighted Christmas Parade

    That's right. All the local businesses, and even your local radio stations participate in the annual lighted Christmas parade, where the only rule is that your float, vehicle, etc. has to be lit up. And, guess what? We even say "Merry Christmas".

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    There's Always Live Music Somewhere

    Whether you're enjoying Texas Country at Banita Creek Hall, a jazz band at the Fredonia Hotel, an acoustic show at Maklemore's, a local band at the Fredonia Brewery, a live orchestra show on the SFA campus, a band at Front Porch Distillery, or somewhere else, there is always a live music event somewhere in town.

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    Hanging Out In Front Of The Old Goody's Store Is A Thing

    So, on random nights, people will drive their vehicles - old, new, truck, car, SUV, dirty, clean, or otherwise - to the parking lot of what used to be Goody's, which is now Harbor Freight Tools and Hibbett Sports. They just sit out there for hours on end. Why? We have no clue.

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    If Starr Ave. And/Or Austin St. Is Shut Down, Avoid Going ANYWHERE In Town

    Over the past couple of years, there has been road construction on Starr Ave. First, it was to widen the road. Then, it was to work on the bridge. This means that you have to go WAY out of your way to go anywhere in town. Now, they're getting ready to do similar work on Austin St. which, as we native Nacogdoches people know, will produce the same problems.

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