Some cities more than others need to have sexy brought back.

The travel dating site has named the least sexy destinations in America and coming in at number one is...

Greensboro, North Carolina.

It turns out Greensboro was rejected 100% of the time when it was recommended to users as a destination to meet up with a fellow traveler. Ouch.

There must be something wrong with southern air because Richmond, Virginia took second place with a 98% rejection rate. In fact, five of the 10 cities that made the list are in the south.

The 10 Least Sexy Cities in America

1. Greensboro, North Carolina
2. Richmond, Virginia
3. Fort Worth, Texas
4. Beverly Hills, California
5. Chattanooga, Tennessee
6. Atlantic City, New Jersey
7. Atlanta
8. Jacksonville
9. Corpus Christi, Texas
10. Minneapolis

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