My dad is getting up there in years, but no teenager is going to out-emoji this guy!  He's determined to fully express himself through pics of beer mugs, corn in the husk, and Christmas trees.

By the way, did you hear what emoji might be coming next?  You and my dad will wonder how you survived without it for this long.

We call my dad "Pop" because his granddaughters laughed hysterically when they were two years old and he would stick his finger in his mouth and press on the side and pull it out quick to make a popping sound. My mom has become "Gree" because my oldest couldn't say Grandma when she was a toddler, and that "greeee" sound was all that would come out.  My dad misspells it every time, but nobody corrects him. We're too busy examining and soaking in all those emojis.

This text came last year when their computer conked out and he wanted to let me know why my mom wouldn't be sending her daily email.  Judging by all those emojis, it was still going to be a good day for Gree and Pop.  That blob between the beer and the turkey leg? Crackers!  Have you ever sent a cracker emoji?  Me neither, but now I want to.

There's a new petition circulating to try to get the almighty avocado added to the emoji library.  Out of the 1601 emojis available, somehow the mother of guac has been overlooked to this point.  If you want to sign the petition to get it added, check out ipetitions, and thank the California Avocado Commission.

If you have an emoji-loving parent, appreciate their artful use of those little pics!  

2016-05-19 13.32.15

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