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Over the weekend, it was announced that more than 550 million Facebook accounts were hacked in a massive attack. This became public when that data was leaked online.

The information that was scooped from users included names, birthdays, city of residence, job, relationship status, and in some cases, even e-mail address. Experts are concerned about all of that data, but the biggest issue they are pointing to is the leak of phone numbers. These phone numbers make you more vulnerable because they compromise a hacking failsafe, with two-form authentication.

There is a new tool to help you find out if you've been put at risk. The tool was put out by The News Each Day, and was vetted by tech reporters with Gizmodo. It's a pretty simple tool, you just add your phone number, and the tool will tell you if you're compromised or not. Again, this has already been vetted by Gizmodo, so you're not dropping your number into a different phishing scam.

One of the ways that Gizmodo was able to verify this new tool was to use Mark Zuckerber's phone number. The Zuck was one of the millions of accounts that got hacked, so by adding his number and getting a hit on the tool, they were able to see it was working. But if you're still worried about a site like The News Each Day, you can use the long-standing "Have I Been Pwned" site to check your status as well.

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