Want a chance to hunt alligators in the Louisiana swamps on TV?  Well listen up.  The History Channel wants YOU.



The popular reality show Swamp People wants to add some gator hunters from Texas to its cast, so they're planning a casting call in Beaumont later this month.

The Beaumont Enterprise reports the show is looking for experienced alligator hunters who're licensed to hunt and have at least 50 alligator tags available.

People thinking about going to the casting call need to know that Louisiana has some strict laws and regulations for hunting alligators. The show's producers say amateurs need not apply.  They want people who know what they're doing.

Critics of alligator hunting need to know that it's done to control the gator population. Even with the one month controlled hunting season every year, there are still an estimated two million gators in Louisiana's swamps, rivers and lakes.

Without the hunting, there would be a gator population explosion.


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