Once the rain stops, the work continues. The victims of Hurricane Harvey still need your help.

This is the time to stand up. The front line of volunteers have put in countless hours, and they need back up. The ARC Hurricane Harvey Animal Rescue Center is a quick drive out to the Redland area. There are so many dogs there that need to be walked and cleaned up after. These are pets that have been displaced by Hurricane Harvey. Some of them have known owners, and they just aren't in a position to re-home themselves, much less their pets just yet.

Wendy's Misfits and Gentle Giants of Texas have joined together to provide rescue and temporary boarding for animals misplaced during the Texas floods caused by Hurricane Harvey. All volunteers must be at least 12 years old. Join their facebook group to get started.

You can sign up to help just by CLICKING HERE. Just register and then go online and sign up for a volunteer spot. If you are coming to the ARC, you need to be on the schedule. I showed up on a night, when they really needed some help, and I walked at least 6 dogs in a little over an hour. Shifts start at 7:15 am and run every 2 hours. You can also sign up for more than one shift.

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