If you're a veteran who travels to Austin a lot, this could save you quite a bit of money.  Starting November 1, you won't have to pay any more tolls on certain roads as long as you register your license plate with the state.

The roads that are going toll-free for veterans are over by Austin and they stretch into the Hill Country.  The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority approved the move earlier this year and starting November 1, the 183A toll, the 290 toll, the 71 toll lane, and the future 183 South and SH 45SW toll roads will all be toll-free for qualified veterans.

The idea behind the move is to help veterans get to their appointments at VA hospitals without having to worry about paying extra for using the roads to get there.  And it's a nice high five for men and women who deserve a bunch of 'em.

Veterans who want to be part of the toll discount program have to register with the agency using the online portal on the CTRMA website. You've got to have all of your current tolls paid up to be part of the program.  And it's designed for one license plate per household and the vehicle's license plate has to be associated with an electronic toll tag account for TxTag, EZ TAG, TollTag, K-Tag or BancPass.  Once you register, the system will know it's you and you won't be charged a toll.

This could spread statewide, and if it does we'll be sure to post it.  Meanwhile, veterans, crank up the radio on your road trip and enjoy this little gift.

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