It's been quite a while since we've had a legitimate sighting of this, and we're so excited that it's back.

I'm talking about rain. We've had a few different tiny showers over the past few months, but not enough to really help out in a big way. Really, we've just got enough to raise the humidity back up. Well, today, that changed. As I walked outside, I was greeted by the sounds of rainfall. It. Was. Awesome. Check out the photos below:

Mark Cunningham

That's some high-quality photography right there. Well, maybe not, but it was enough to give you a glimpse of the rain, so that's all that really matters. Here's one more for you:

Mark Cunningham

There you have it, proof that precipitation really has made it into our area. Now, let's hope for more. Everyone knows that we could use it.

There's actually a chance of rain in the forecast everyday all the way into next week. Does that mean it will actually happen? Well, no, but we can still hope. In the meantime, we'll take every single drop that we can get. Like I said: we can definitely use it. That's not the problem. The problem is actually getting it.