Federal prosecutors in Connecticut say a state trooper, a police officer and three Transportation Security Administration officers based at airports have been arrested on charges of conspiracy to distribute tens of thousands of highly addictive painkiller pills.

Authorities say the TSA officers, based at airports in Florida and New York, a Westchester County, N.Y., police officer and a Florida state trooper received cash payments to help transport oxycodone pills from Florida to New York and Connecticut and/or transport cash proceeds from the sale of the drugs back to Florida.


This is just the latest example of the problems that are prompting some to call for doing away with the TSA.

Even the Congressman who wrote the bill that created TSA says it seemed like a good idea at the time, after 9/11/2001, but it's proven to be a complete failure and should be dismantled.

Don't hold your breath waiting for TSA to go away.  There's nothing more permanent than a temporary tax, and a government bureaucracy with more than a quarter million unionized employees.

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