There’s something inherently cool about a small town. The people are nice (although they all know each other and can be in everyone’s business), there’s no traffic, and the stress level can be lower. I’m headed to my one-stoplight hometown in Nebraska for a little family bonding time next week and we’re planning to sit on the deck and stare at the trees, and ask the local farmers for permission to walk into their fields and pick corn. Why vacation in a tropical location when you can have that kind of fun? Small towns rock.

Rand McNally and USA Today named the best small towns in all of America this week. Did Lufkin and Nacogdoches make the list?

Nope. But one Texas town did.

The winner in the most beautiful category was Bardstown, Kentucky.

The friendliest was Murray, Kentucky.

Del Ray Beach, Florida was the most fun.

Santa Fe, New Mexico was best for food.

And Gainesville, Texas the most patriotic.

That begs the question…what East Texas spots are your favorite for scenery, fun, friendly people, food, and the patriotism?

There are many good spots, but I’m particularly fond of Lake Cypress Springs, a couple of hours to the north. There are lots of hidden little gems there; good restaurants and nice scenery.

Let us know! We’ll all get road trip ideas.