We just got information that Applebee's Restaurants all over Texas will be accepting any and all gift cards, certificates, and coupons, even if they're for other businesses!

We gave the Lufkin Applebee's a phone call, and manager Bonnie Gibbs confirmed that they'd also be participating in the "madness."

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According to the press release we received, all 67 restaurants in the Lone Star will be getting in on the action for the month of March.

There is a little bit of a catch however, as the coupons will actually only cut up to 50% off your purchases, and you can't use this once in a lifetime offer along with other continuing offers. Oh, and it doesn't work on purchases of alcohol either.

So if your meal is $30 and you bring in a gift card to say Toys R' Us for instance, they'd honor that, and knock off half your bill.

If you have a gift card with $60 on it, and your meal ends up costing $100, then they'll only cut $50 off, and you'd basically be forfeiting the $10 that was still on the card.

This seems like a fantastic promotion and will definitely get people in the doors to see just how true this all is.

The press release email we got says they're taking gift cards, gift certificates, coupons, etc. EXPIRED or NOT! This has got to be too good to be true, right?

Let us know if you decide to try it out with some old coupons or gift cards with a few bucks still on it, and give us the details on how it all went down. We'll do the same.

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