Blue Bell sent over two of their newest flavors and we tried them out.

You can probably already guess what we rated each of these. Coconut is one of those things where you either love it or you hate it. If you are indifferent to it, you probably won't lose your mind over the fact that it's in ice cream now.

Check out the video of me taste testing the two new flavors.

There you have it. Interruptions aside, I'd say the Ice Cream Cone flavor is one of my new top 5 flavors. It's just like eating an ice cream drumstick, and less like a knockoff of Ben & Jerry's Americone Dream.

Thanks to our digital guy, James for going back through the archives and showing all the times I've stuffed my face on camera. I'll get him back somehow. April Fools' Day is coming up soon after all.


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