The owners at Nac Cocina in Nacogdoches made the difficult decision to close their doors for the final time this Sunday, July 31st, 2022. The owners posted the abrupt closure in a Facebook post on Sunday afternoon.

The restaurant was only open for about a year and was located in the former Posado's building at 1315 North Street across from CVS. Nac Cocina was run by the same people that have Napoli's Pizza & Restaurante.

Nac Cocina was a Tex-Mex restaurant and the name was tailored to the oldest town in Texas. It was originally going to be Mi Cocina Restaurant, but that name was already taken.

Tex-Mex Restaurant Near The SFA Campus Closes Ahead Of Classes

Now everyone in Nacogdoches will have one less place to eat out. There has been an outpouring of support from all of the patrons on their Facebook page.

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They are reminiscing about their favorite drinks, like the Mango Margaritas. Their loyal customers will miss the food, karaoke, trivia nights, and live music.

Nac Cocina had a lot of activities going on that will now have to be relocated. They hosted a lot of local acts on their stage.

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The list of performers that played there is like a who's who of the Nacogdoches Music scene. Though they were only open for a short time, they made a large impact on the community.

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Lone Star Trivia held dozens of trivia nights at Nac Cocina in the past 10 months every Wednesday. They will now meet at Napoli's in Nacogdoches in a smaller back room.

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