Here in our neck of the woods, we care a lot about tradition. We tend to be fairly sentimental, and for the most part, we aren't huge fans of change. However, there are some things that we've been waiting on for a while now. See if you recognize, or have ever commented on these before.


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    Abitibi Remnants To Go Away

    It's been awhile since the paper mill was actually up and running. And, ever since it closed, it seems that the removal of it has been moving along at a creeping pace.

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    HEB To Re-appear In Nacogdoches

    Remember when it went away, to be replaced by that other grocery store? Yes. Remember when we heard it was coming back? Yes. Remember it actually coming back? Still waiting.

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    Bring it on. That is all.

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    Cell Phone Signal EVERYWHERE

    So, we've got a few providers that have pretty good coverage. However, we still have a fairly large amount of dead zones...

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    Full Extermination of Lovebugs...

    Probably the nastiest bugs ever...they're right up there with cockroaches...we just want them gone.