What is one of the most common questions that comes up in almost any small talk conversation? You guessed it. "So, *INSERT NAME HERE*, where are you from?" Well, when you tell people you're from Nacogdoches, you'd be surprised at some of the responses you get.

There are the people that know exactly where that is. There responses look like this:

  • "Oooh, the gardens there are beautiful!"
  • "Axe 'Em Jacks!"
  • "I saw *INSERT COUNTRY MUSIC STAR'S NAME HERE* at Jitterbugs there!"
via Kicks 105 photos
via Kicks 105 photos

Then there are the people that sort of know something about it. There responses are below:

  • "Now, I think I've been there...it's about halfway between Houston and Texarkana, right?" (Well, basically...)
  • "Isn't that where the space shuttle crashed?" (Ummm...not really, but partial credit for getting close.)
  • "I saw a college basketball team from there play in March Madness a few years ago!"
Iowa v Villanova
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Then, there are the people that have no clue...check out their responses:

  • "Oh, so you're from Louisiana, huh?" (Nope, that would be Natchitoches...we're on THIS side of the Sabine River...)
  • "Huh...? Where is that...?"
  • "Ummm...what's it close to...?" (Most accepted answer: About two and a half hours north of Houston, about three hours southeast of Dallas, just over an hour west of Louisiana...)
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