The Salvation Army has been putting bell ringers outside stores for years, and even though the Red Kettle Campaign is in full swing there's still time to volunteer.

Have you noticed some of the bell ringers are doing more than just ringing bells this season? They're making it fun, interesting, and sometimes a little weird!

A friend of mine said he came across one bell ringer who was blasting that bell so loudly that the noise carried across the block and above his car radio volume.  So to reward that bell ringer, he drover over and dropped all the spare cash and change he had, into that red kettle and high-fived the dude.

The bell ringer outside my neighborhood Walmart the other day had headphones on underneath his ear muffs, and he was singing Christmas carols at the top of his lungs.  As people got close, he danced what seemed to be a cross between "the Carlton" and "the Elaine on Seinfeld."  That stuff is impossible to ignore, even for the most determined of scrooges.  I did a lil Elaine myself on the way into the store, and dropped in some 1s.

The more fun these bell ringers have, I'm sure the more money they make for the Salvation Army.  And they're staying warm if they're moving around like that.

The Salvation Army could still use bell ringers, if you'd like to volunteer.  And we can all get involved in the coming year with food and nutrition programs, military assistance, emergency shelter, and other programs that the Salvation Army works with.  The Red Kettle Campaign helps fuel a lot of it, and if you volunteer you know it's going to help a lot of folks. Might as well have some fun doin' it!

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