A while back, I did a story on the worst intersection - in my opinion - in Lufkin. I did receive some feedback on that, some that agreed, some that disagreed. That intersection just happened to be where Timberland merged with 1st Street, right in front of the radio station.

Following up on that, here is the list of several of the worst intersections in Lufkin (in no particular order).

  • Mark Cunningham

    Timberland/First and Raguet

    Well, of course I'm going to start with the one that's already been discussed! Why? Because it's still awful! You've got vehicles going every which way, and nobody knows what's really going on! Bonus points for the Q107 van, though...

  • Mark Cunningham

    Timberland and Lufkin Avenue

    Most of the people that disagreed with Timberland and First being the worst intersection all agreed with each other that THIS was the worst intersection. I will admit that this star-shaped, whatever you would like to call it is pretty bad...

  • Mark Cunningham

    1st Street and South Medford

    This one speaks for itself...just look at the picture! All sorts of different lanes to consider, plus the traffic lights...it's a mess.

  • Mark Cunningham

    Whitehouse Drive and 1st Street

    Are you seeing a common theme here? All of our intersections so far have involved Timberland/1st Street. This one is no exception. You've got the people leaving Walmart, the people trying to get to Walmart, PLUS all the Cracker Barrel patrons. Try to avoid this one at all costs...

  • Mark Cunningham

    Denman Ave. and Chestnut

    Finally! One that doesn't have Timberland and/or 1st Street! That doesn't make this one any better in my opinion, though...

  • 6

    What is this?

    That road next to the HEB